Valerie Vinger

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Instagram: @AlwaysAlreadyHere 

I am certified in LI and KI since 2012 


 I am a thriving survivor of life's  painful challenges and growth opportunities. I can help you with your intention to heal.I have worked  with 12 step programs and am currently a 13 year stage III cancer survivor. I originally chose traditional cancer treatment of Cut, Poison, Burn which  eventually led me down a natural path to heal my body, pain and suffering, and my buried  emotions. I am filled with gratitude for the person I have become through this journey and working with the Inquiries.  I love working with people who are really ready to experience relief from the non stop internal dialogue, pain, and suffering  


I stumbled upon Scott Kiloby at a workshop he was leading in Boulder, Colorado in 2012.  It was truly one on the most trans formative experiences I have ever had. This work is not easily explained, but is easily experienced when given a few moments of attention.  I have been a spiritual seeker for years and part of the samesat sang for 20 . The inquiry experience feels like coming home to myself and THAT KNOWING IS ... SO MUCH MORE THAN ENOUGH! 


If any of this resonates with you and your experience, I look forward to visiting and inquiry. @ AlwaysAlreadyHere, Raw-Real-Authentic.