Valerie Vinger

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Instagram: @AlwaysAlreadyHere 

I am certified in LI and KI since 2012 

Hi My name is Valerie Vinger.  I am a thriving survivor of life's  painful challenges and growth opportunities. I survived a very traumatic childhood and have worked  with 12 step programs.  I am currently a 13 year stage III cancer survivor. I originally chose traditional cancer treatment of Cut, Poison, Burn which  eventually led me down a natural path to heal my body, my pain and suffering, and my buried  emotions. I am filled with gratitude for the person I have become through this journey and working with the Inquiries.  I love working with people who are really ready to experience relief from the non stop internal dialogue, pain, and suffering 


I stumbled upon Scott Kiloby at a workshop he was leading in Boulder, Colorado in 2012.  It was truly one on the most trans formative, heart opening experiences I have ever had. This work is not easily explained, but is easily experienced when given a few moments of attention.  I have been a spiritual seeker for years and part of the same satsang for more than 20 years, however it was the inquiries that easily touched a part of me that was still unknown and yet left me feeling very held, understood, and open. The inquiry experience felt and feels like coming home to myself and THAT KNOWING IS ... SO MUCH MORE THAN ENOUGH! 


My intention is to share the Kiloby Inquiries, in any way I can, to help people relieve internal pain.  We all have our individual differences with our experiences of trauma and life events.  If you decide you are ready, I am ready to be here with you.  I promise to be fully present listening to everything you have to share and desire to heal.