Kiloby Inquiries

Training &Certification

Scott offers group and individual training programs for certification in the Kiloby Inquiries.

The Kiloby Inquiries are different than any of the work Scott has developed in the past. They contain a strong element of teaching people to abide in the peace and clarity of the present moment.  In addition, KI contains tools that have the ability to bring up to the surface unconscious stories, beliefs, traumas and repressed emotions that help clear the somatic body, making it easier to live in presence.

Mark Hull

 Scott trained and certified me in KI in December 2018. I’ve been working in the practice since that time at the Natural Rest House and Kiloby Center. I find this work and these tools, that he developed, to be ingenious. The tools help me to help clients and also to help myself.
 I continue to be facilitated in this work on a regular basis because of the tangible results I feel. My well being is improved and I am more steady and at peace than ever before. As an employer Scott has been kind and patient just as he was when training me. I can recommend him on any level without reservation. 


A Training Program May be Right for You If...

  • You are interested in working with others and becoming a facilitator

  • You are interested in deepening your personal self-support skills

  • You are interested in incorporating the Kiloby Inquiries into your current therapeutic models or coaching with existing clients

  • You are interested in developing inquiry skills to work with your partner or family member(s).


"The principals and wisdom on which [Scott”s work] rests is like bedrock - solid. The tools are razor sharp and profound, and by far the most effective I've come across after twenty years of seeking."

Options for Training With Scott in the Kiloby Inquiries

There are two types of training programs.  One involves being a part of a group. The other involves Scott personally training you alone.  Read about both options below to see what resonates with you the most. All training happens online.

Personalized One-on-one training

Group Training

Juuso Voltti B3 cropped.png

When I contemplated joining the facilitator training, I was very hesitant. Did I really want to learn another modality, another inquiry technique that promises the moon? Was this modality going to be any different?

Intuitively I felt "yes", this is different.  I finally decided to go with my gut and trust my intuition. Boy, am I glad I did!

Without the training, I would most probably still be on the same treadmill I had been on for years. Without the inquiries, I would still have my unconscious programming and deficiency stories running the show.

While I still do have deficiency stories and emotions come up, the difference is, now I know what to do about them. Now I have the tools to look at them and allow them to be without having to avoid them. This makes a world of difference and everything looks much brighter than before.

For me, one of the biggest reasons I finally decided to join the training was the opportunity to swap sessions with other trainees. I am now a certified facilitator myself and I still take advantage of this support on a regular basis. Whenever something triggers me in a way that is difficult for me to look at on my own, I can reach out to any of the many wonderful people who I have learned to know through the training. I have already gotten way more sessions than I could have gotten for the price of the training. From now on all the sessions I need are essentially free and I absolutely love it.

If you are at all inclined to join the training, do it! It might change your life for the better, as it has for many of us.

Juuso Voltti

Certified Kiloby Inquiries Facilitator