Kiloby Inquiries

Training &Certification

Scott offers group and individual training programs for certification in the Kiloby Inquiries.

The Kiloby Inquiries are different than any of the work Scott has developed in the past. They contain a strong element of teaching people to abide in the peace and clarity of the present moment.  In addition, KI contains tools that have the ability to bring up to the surface unconscious stories, beliefs, traumas and repressed emotions that help clear the somatic body, making it easier to live in presence.


“I really want to thank you for bringing this work to the world. For me it was a breakthrough for the first time. I tried a lot of things but this cuts through on its own."

A Training Program May be Right for You If...

  • You are interested in working with others and becoming a facilitator

  • You are interested in deepening your personal self-support skills

  • You are interested in incorporating the Kiloby Inquiries into your current therapeutic models or coaching with existing clients

  • You are interested in developing inquiry skills to work with your partner or family member(s).


"The principals and wisdom on which [Scott”s work] rests is like bedrock - solid. The tools are razor sharp and profound, and by far the most effective I've come across after twenty years of seeking."

Options for Training With Scott in the Kiloby Inquiries

There are two types of training programs.  One involves being a part of a group. The other involves Scott personally training you alone.  Read about both options below to see what resonates with you the most. All training happens online.

Personalized One-on-one training

Group Training