”I’ve been using the Kiloby Inquiries on my addiction to porn.  When I started, I was watching porn 2 to 3 times a day.  The Kiloby Inquiries have effectively helped reduce the frequency of porn watching by 70% in less than ten weeks.  That’s good considering that I’d been hooked to porn for close to 17 years and forcing myself to stop watching porn never quite worked.  I couldn’t be more grateful.”   A.R.


"Scott Kiloby is probably the most congruent and clear man of the highest integrity I have ever known. He is the same whether home relaxing or giving talks to groups of people. His pajama self is the same as his public self. He walks and lives his talk, fully, continuing to open and go though his own deepening daily. And he honestly could care less if I said these things about him or not, which is also quite refreshing but I wanted to say them anyway."

- Marina Bajszar, former Lead Facilitator at the Kiloby Center for Recovery.  

"I have known Scott Kiloby for many years now. He is a teacher who does not simply regurgitate concepts that he has learned from others. His words have been uniquely forged in the fire of his own pain. He speaks with authenticity and integrity from his own deepest experience, and teaches not by trying to be a teacher, but by being a living example of what he teaches. He is a rare breed—a teacher who actually lives and breathes his own message."

-Jeff Foster

"My partner recently told me he doesn't think I have DID/multiple personalities any more.  He hasn't seen any sign of it since the first session I did with Scott.  So I decided to re-complete the diagnostic instrument I did with a trauma therapist back in 2013 (The Multi-Dimensional Inventory of Dissociation/MID).  The results are astonishing.  This does need to come with a disclaimer:  it was done on the three weeks since that session with Scott in which time I haven't been triggered at all.   I am no longer testing as if I have DID anymore.  Scott, you are the only person who has ever helped me to see what I was doing (bypassing) and offer me a viable alternative, (a way to bring up the unconscious material and the ability to surf the resulting waves.)  Words of appreciation for what you have done for me seem so insignificant in the face of something so enormous."

Jo H

"I became familiar with Scott Kiloby by becoming a Certified Kiloby Inquiries Facilitator in 2020.  I already had respect for him as an honest and authentic teacher.  My closer association with him has revealed that he is generous and open minded and I resonate with the way he is transparent about himself as a human being both towards the facilitators he trains and certifies and to the general public. 

Scott is a sincere, honest and understanding mentor.  He can be relentless and amusing; unrestrained and consistent; unapologetic and sympathetic.  I consider him to be a great role model for people who are struggling with personal issues as well as for helpers and healers who want serve others.

The Kiloby Inquiries are a systematic approach which is efficient while being direct and deliberate; and at the same time this approach is compassionate and supportive."


-June Jackson / Kiloby Inquiries Facilitator

"Scott is a compassionate, deep and highly skilled spiritual teacher who profoundly assisted me to deepen my awakening and heal deeply held traumas. Scott is also one of the most authentic and transparent human beings I have ever met. While he held my feet to the fire and lead amazing sessions, he is also someone you can relate to on a human level.  I highly recommend him to anyone ready to wake up, deepen their awakening or desires to overcome deeply held self-deficiency stories."

-David Utts / Kiloby Inquiries Facilitator