Scott's Words about Sagara

Please meet Kiloby Inquiries Facilitator Sagara Citta, a native of Durham, UK. In addition to being a KI facilitator, Sagara is also a Peer Supporter in the National Health System in the UK on a Mental Health Community Team. He also works in a prison as a Buddhist Chaplain.

From the moment I met Sagara, I knew he had the right experience, energy, attitude and passion to be a good facilitator. He already had an extensive background in direct pointing and working with people one on one. All he needed was to be trained in our approach so that he could expand his set of tools. Now he is one of the best facilitators we have. His skill set and calm demeanor create a safe space for people to feel comfortable effectively addressing their deepest pain.

When I evaluated Sagara for certification in KI, instantly I could tell that he had a superb skill set. I jokingly asked him how many practice sessions he did with fellow classmates in preparation for becoming certified. He told me he did 87 practice sessions. I’ve never met another facilitator who practiced that much during training. And those 87 practice sessions helped him clear up some issues he hadn’t been able to clear before training in KI. But more than that, those 87 practice sessions made it a no-brainer when it came time for me to decide whether to certify him or not. I was astounded at his skill level during evaluations.

Since then, I’ve heard many glowing reports about his skills as a facilitator. We are truly honored to have him as part of our family of facilitators.

Sagara is trained to work with people on just about any issue. However, he has a special interest in working with people with terminal illnesses, fear of facing death, trauma, intrusive thoughts and anxiety. He also works well with addiction, having been trained in the Kiloby Center’s new model of recovery. Sagara also carries a special passion for helping children and is working towards that goal even more in the coming years. He understands trauma very well. For example, he knows that trauma is not just about being bullied, molested or a victim of violence. He understands that just being a child is traumatizing due to the pressure we place on children or the pressure they place on themselves to live up to their parents ideals.

The Kiloby Inquiries have helped Sagara personally in a number of ways. They helped him resolve suffering around parental divorce, addiction, witnessing domestic violence, grief from the death of loved ones, spiritual seeking, and the negative emotional effects of being diagnosed with melanoma.

Although Sagara had an awakening experience years ago through another program, it didn’t last. Sagara states that the Kiloby Inquiries helped him let go of some deficiency stories that had been pulling him out of awareness. He reports today that, as a result of KI, it rarely matters what is happening or where he is spiritually.

The freedom and peace you feel in his energy is truly inspiring and contagious. Sagara recently told me that he has fallen in love with the Kiloby Inquiries and is now learning to fall in love with life itself.

Sagara is open to working with people online and in person.

Mobile/Whatsapp: 07990 67 2200 (UK)