Sagara Citta

Senior KI Facilitator 

Mobile/Whatsapp:  07990 67 2200 (UK)



Clients: Online sessions for English speakers worldwide.

My great passion is bringing healing to people who are feeling limited by their pain.  I work one-to-one with adults online to guide them through their suffering to a new perspective where they feel peaceful, complete, whole and safe.


In my 25 years of mindfulness experience, I have trained in many modalities, all of which I can use to my client’s benefit. But if there is emotional pain, the 'Kiloby Inquiries' is my tool of choice. 


The Kiloby Inquiries can be used for the whole range of human experience - from trauma, addiction, and acute anxiety, right through to an argument with your partner, or fear of getting on a plane. Whatever the issue, the Kiloby Inquiries have a soft, gentle, and compassionate approach, with an openness to who we really are.


I live in the UK with my wife and two very noisy kids. I love pizza and am currently learning to rollerblade.


If you think I can help, please reach out and get in touch.