Philip Nienartowicz

Kiloby Inquiries Facilitator
Phone number: 609-787-1667
Email Address:
Now taking new private clients

My greatest joy comes from helping people get unstuck, guiding them past their blocks and navigating the twists and turns of the mind. The Kiloby Inquiries have transformed my life, most of the anxieties I used to have seem nonexistent and it’s so incredible that I want other people to experience their own freedom.

“I have been regularly working with Philip as my facilitator. I can’t recommend him more highly. I also recommend regular sessions. He always makes time for me and always keeps our appointments. The regular weekly session have been so helpful. Each week seems to build on the previous week. Occasionally the same or similar topic comes up and that is helpful too. Philip is so very attentive and helpful in our sessions that I can recommend him without reservation.” - Mark H.