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Personalized One-On-One Training – Cost $3500 (not-negotiable)


In the past, Scott has trained people mostly in group settings, as mentioned above.  But in the last few years he has also developed a one-on-one training program for those who want more individualized training in his work.  


In this personalized training course, you won’t be training within a group.  It will just be you and Scott. This personalized training program can lead to certification as a KI facilitator if you pass the evaluation process.  It may also lead to you being endorsed by Scott as a teacher, if he finds you have all the good qualities of an ethical, compassionate and effective teacher.  After 15 years in this work, Scott is finally open to endorsing new teachers that he has trained and then helping them build their own following and client base.  The world needs more teachers who are transparent, so one of the requirements to be endorsed by Scott as a teacher is your ability to be transparent with all your students.  


Here’s how the personalized training program works:


Just as in the group program, you will watch a two hour pre-recorded video training each week for ten weeks in a row.  Each week, once you have watched that week’s video, Scott will meet with you in a one-on-one session for an hour to an hour and a half.  That’s ten individual sessions total over the ten week period.    


There are three distinct components to this personalized one-one-one training.  They are the same components as the group training – 1) Personal Deepening Component 2) Self-Support Component and 3) Facilitation Component.  Below is an explanation of what to expect in those ten individualized sessions.


What happens in each one-on-one session with Scott depends upon your particular needs.  The sessions may involve Scott facilitating you so that you can see what it’s like to receive the benefits of a KI session.  The sessions may involve Scott further training you on the tools you just watched in that week’s session. The sessions may involve Scott helping you strengthen your self-support skills.


The real value of this personalized program is that it is all about you and what you need.  You will have Scott’s full attention and his goal is to help you deepen into clarity and presence and also to become as skilled as possible in facilitating yourself and others.  


In addition, this personalized program will allow you direct phone, text and email contact with Scott during the first ten weeks of training, when you need to reach out to him for important questions. This aspect of the training is very helpful because Scott can give you answers right away, so that you don’t have to wait for the next session with him.  Scott will set reasonable times for making himself available to you.  


After the ten week period, you will be placed into the private Facebook room so that you may continue to deepen and practice until you are ready for evaluation and certification.  


If interested in either of these programs, contact Scott at