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Group Training – Cost $2500

*REDUCED to $1200 due to the current worldwide challenges (until March 31)


Group training involves being a part of a group of people that are all being trained at the same time by Scott.  The training involves a ten week period up front where each participant watches a pre-recorded two hour video each week involving Scott and his lead trainer Julianne explain the KI tools and how they work.  That video can be watched on your own time.  
















During the training course, participants receive one free session from Scott and one free session from another certified facilitator.  In addition, participants will have access to videos and/or audios that demonstrate how the process works.  


Also during the course, Scott will break up the larger group and meet in small groups to help each individual improve the tools that they need to work on in order to become more highly skilled and eventually certified.  


After the ten week period and after the small group period has ended, a lengthy practice period begins.  During this time, you will be placed into a private Facebook group with a number of other trainees from several different KI training groups.  During this period, you are required to practice until you feel comfortable being evaluated for certification. Once you are ready for evaluation, Scott will evaluate your skills and either certify you or give you feedback, allowing you to practice a bit longer and attempt certification again later.  


The entire group training course can last anywhere from six months to a year.  The length of it depends largely on how many months you need to practice before being evaluated for certification.  

There are three distinct benefits to Group Training:

Each week, once everyone has watched that week’s video, Scott meets with the whole group for a live one to two hour additional training session answering questions about that week’s video, making sure everyone understands the skills and providing even more nuanced training tips that aren’t covered in the videos. Scott will work on arranging a day and time each week when everyone can attend this live group meeting, no matter what time zone you are in.  


"I really appreciate the thorough, loving, heartfelt passion of Scott Kiloby.  The Kiloby inquiries training radically changed my spiritual seeking.  I had been part of different spiritual communities and retreats for over 20 years.   I tried the 12 step program.  However it was the Kiloby Inquiries that broke the thoughts, emotions, and sensations down into manageable pieces. I can spend most of my time now just being with whatever arises in any given moment . . ."

-Valerie K.


Personal Deepening Component


This is perhaps the most important component of group training. During training you will have ample opportunity to deepen into presence and clarity through Scott’s training and through the practice period.  Many people join training just for personal deepening purposes. You don’t have to work with others once you are certified. You may use the program as a personal deepening course. Scott has watched many people through the years transform tremendously simply because the personal deepening aspect of the course is so helpful and powerful.  You are essentially immersed in your own deepening during the entire period of the course, inquiring into and breaking free from long-held suffering.


Self-Support Component


Through his work at the Kiloby Center, Scott has learned how to simplify inquiry so that people can learn to do it on their own.  This component will empower you to learn how to unravel your own triggers as they arise, how to abide in present awareness, and how to resolve deep-seated trauma and other core issues on your own. In this way, you will become less dependent on therapists, teachers and even other facilitators.


Facilitation Component


This section of the training will teach you how to facilitate others and skillfully point to presence in the way Scott does in sessions with clients.  This component is what leads to certification so that you may help others using Scott’s work. Scott endorses and sends referrals to KI facilitators. Many people have been helped with his work through the years.  And many facilitators have made a good living as a facilitator through the years.