Why KI?

A brief overview of developing the Kiloby Inquiries

Scott has developed several training programs in the last 15 years.  His original training program was called Living Inquiries (LI). Even though Scott co-founded the LI program, Scott resigned from the program in 2019 to focus on his new training program called “The Kiloby Inquiries” or “KI.” 

The reason for his departure from LI is that Scott found KI to be more transformative for himself and the clients with which he has been working for the last five years.


KI was developed as a set of tools that are much easier, in Scott’s view, to learn to do on your own. They are also directed towards resolving the more unconscious drivers behind our suffering (namely, trauma, shame, and deficiency stories).  Even though Scott made a personal choice to resign from LI, Scott still has tremendous respect for the LI program and would refer people there before he would refer people to most therapists or nondual teachers.


The truth is, Scott’s heart is now 100% devoted to his new program the Kiloby Inquiries. KI has independent assessment of outcomes done by a third party research firm. These results are amazing. If you would like to review the full reports, contact me.