June Jackson

Certified KI Facilitator; Certified Life Coach

MBTI Facilitator

Email: june@awakenawareness.net


Currently taking new clients

Having worked with hundreds of people individually as well as leading dozens of transformative weekend retreats, I can hold space for anything that is arising and help with clarity and moving forward.


My initial core traumas took place when I was a teen and young adult and those events happened mostly due to my own naivete (having been sheltered growing up).  Innocence was lost and replaced by strong defense mechanisms. 


These types of defense mechanisms can be dismantled using a practice such as KI (including inquiry and natural rest) when approached with curiosity and courage. 


Finally (as we do the work gradually) we are just noticing impulses as they arise and although we remember how compelling these stories, beliefs and impulses once were, we now find them uninteresting and tedious.  Unable to allure us, we remain in a stable and ceaseless awakened state.