Julianne Eanniello

Senior Living Inquiries and

KI Facilitator and Trainer

Clinical Director and Co-Owner, Kiloby Center for Recovery

phone: 860-463-5576

email: julenlo@hotmail.com


Certification Training Available - Contact me for details

“Julianne holds a wonderful space to inquire within.  She has the beautiful combination of being able to challenge me, while holding me in a totally safe space; both of which are necessary to support true growth.  She’s a really skilled facilitator, and at the same time as facilitating the session she is also teaching to empower me to be able to do more inquiry on my own.  She’s right there with me throughout the entire session, in a beautiful space of presence that allows my process to unfold.  Julianne is also proving to be a wonderful role model for me in terms of how to be with my inner process, which is very much appreciated.  I’m really thankful for the opportunity to inquire with Julianne.”   ~ J.H.


“Julianne was one of my first choices as Senior Facilitator when I began training people in the Living Inquiries.  I have known and worked with her for many years.  She is a superb facilitator!  She works hand in hand with me on a daily basis on every aspect of the development and training in this work.  I have 100% confidence that anyone who is facilitated by her will be impressed by her level of skill and ability to facilitate anything that comes up in a session.  I recommend her highly!”  ~ Scott Kiloby