Scott's Words About Hanneke

I want to introduce you to Hanneke Geraeds-de Vries. Hanneke is a certified Kiloby Inquiries (KI) Facilitator. She has additional certifications in Bullying and Therapeutic Possibilities, EFT, Masterclass Non-dual Coaching, the Living Inquiries (LI), The Value of Drawings: child drawings and trauma, Basic Training Mindfulness-Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and Stress Counseling. Obviously, Hanneke is a woman with an incredibly robust set of skills.

When asked about her experience with my inquiries and teaching, here’s what Hanneke said:


“My first encounter with Scott Kiloby was mind-blowing: in April 2012 during an online session I discovered that what I thought I was (most of the time it was some version of “I’m not good enough as I am”) was just a concept. That became very clear and surprisingly simple. It ended my search. That’s how powerful this work is.”

From that first encounter with me, Hanneke took off and became one of my most cherished facilitators mainly because her heart is as big as the universe. Because I was bullied as a kid, she holds a special place in my heart because of her work with children, which is one of her strongest passions. A resident of the Netherlands, Hanneke has worked with school children on a host of issues, with an emphasis on helping kids who are traumatized from being bullied. I feel a strong kinship with Hanneke’s passion for wanting to help children. We’ve shared that common interest for years.

Her skill set, however, extends way beyond working with children. She can handle any suffering a client (child or adult) brings up in sessions. She has years of experience. For many years prior to becoming certified in KI, Hanneke has been a certified facilitator of the Living Inquiries (the first training program I co-developed over ten years ago). And just as she shined in LI, she is shining in KI now too, helping me lead a group of people that will start working with parents, children and teenagers in the near future.

Hanneke’s heart is exactly in the right place for work like this. It is compassion and love that drives her, not money or notoriety. She just wants to help others experience the freedom, love and peace she has experienced through the years using this work on her own issues.


Watch this interview with Hanneke to learn more about her.


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