Hanneke Geraeds-de Vries

KI facilitator, MSC

Additional certifications: Bullying and Therapeutic Possibilities, EFT, Masterclass Non-dual Coaching, Living Inquiries, The Value of Drawings: child drawings and trauma, Basic Training Mindfulness-Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and Stress Counselling.

Phone number: 0031 6 4217 0150

Email Address: hanneke@stress2balance.nl

Website Address: www.stress2balance.nl and www.livinginquiries.nl

Currently Accepting Clients

My first encounter with Scott Kiloby was mind-blowing: in April 2012 during an online session I discovered that what I thought I was (most of the time that was some version of “I’m not good enough as I am”), was just a concept. That became very clear and surprisingly simple. It ended my search. That’s how powerful this work is.

But it can do even more! In my daily life it helps me whenever someone or something triggers me. And that happens far less frequently. It isn’t always comfortable feeling the raw energy of emotions completely, but it is doable and always rewarding. I’m surprised again and again by what I’m left with after this simple (self) inquiry: often there is love and peace; sometimes there is just happiness and beauty in everything. 

A basic trust emerged, a trust that everything that happens can be embraced and that it is healing to do so. A continuous un-covering of Life! I can rest now, allowing myself to be guided by life itself. From this place I can meet others and myself, exactly as we are.

I’m happy to meet you, wherever you are now. I’ll be truly there for you, without any bias or judgment at all, to be the catalyst of your power to heal yourself.