Scott's Words About Sumitra

I want to introduce one of the sweetest and kindest souls I’ve ever known and she happens to be a very skilled Kiloby Inquiries facilitator – Sumitra Judith Burton. You can call her Sumitra.

I don’t know where to start when talking about Sumitra because she is like the heart of our work in the sense that when you are being facilitated by her, it’s like being held in loving parental arms that are extending unconditional love to you, where no matter what painful or scary stuff comes up for you, her calm demeanor and tons of years of experience place you in the greatest hands. I know this firsthand because she has facilitated me.

As you watch me introduce you to all these new KI facilitators, you’ll notice that KI is a different creature than anything I’ve done before. No longer is it about me. It’s about all of us, you, the facilitators and everyone who is involved. For too long very skilled facilitators, whom I trust more than most spiritual teachers, do quiet work behind the scenes. Never drawing attention to themselves. Just acting in saintly ways for very little return while teachers blast their faces all over the net to let you know they are out here.

Sumitra is different. She is one of those true angels who does the work quietly, lifting people out of suffering all over the world. Unfortunately very few people know about her. And that must change. The angels in our world need to have their day. They are the workers that help free all of us.

So I give you KI angel Sumitra. I highly recommended her.

Here’s some info about Sumitra:


Kiloby Inquiries Facilitator
Living Inquiries Facilitator since 2013
Compassionate Communication Facilitator and Trainer
Completion of Levels 1 & 2, The Heart & Art of Hakomi (Somatic Therapy)

Offerings within the LI/ KI Community:

Support Group for Women: Loving Our Bodies, Loving Ourselves, and btw Who Are We - meets each Tuesday, FREE  

Sumitra’s passion in her work with the Kiloby Inquiries is as follows:

- Childhood wounds/ trauma

- The Mother wound
- Family dynamics
- Relationships/ Conflict Resolution (sessions with one or both parties)
- Stress, Anxiety, Depression
- Compulsive tendencies
- Eating disorders

Sumitra is available to offer sliding scale fees to help make this work available to all who wish to heal, to learn and practice

Phone: 541-887-7116