Becoming Trauma Informed Workshop Series

Part 1:

Understanding Trauma

Join Scott Kiloby and Matt Nettleton for the first in a series of online events, as we go into the depths of examining and outlining a path to healing trauma, and bring it all to the light of awareness. Trauma has to be re-defined. And that is what we are trying to do with this event. 

So much of our current dysfunction is driven by unconscious trauma. As a species we have remained unaware of what has been unconsciously driving us and we are now suffering immense consequences not only individually but collectively.


Trauma is a human condition, it is not subject to only those who have been to war, suffered sexual abuse or other kinds of extremely distressing events. When properly understood trauma can be seen as what causes the vast majority of the issues we have been desperately attempting to resolve, but we have been focusing on the symptom and not the cause.

This online event will take place via Zoom on Saturday February 15th from 3 pm- 6 pm Pacific (Australia Sunday 16th at 10 am).

Cost is $150 USD.

Scott Kiloby

Scott Kiloby is a noted author and international speaker on the subject of freedom through non-dual recognition (authentic spiritual awakening as it is taught in the East). Scott's work lends a modern interpretation and context to this ancient approach. This offers a level of accessibility that has led to true healing from addiction, anxiety, depression and trauma for many. He is a California Registered Addiction Specialist, and  the co-developer of a new model of recovery that is based on inquiry and unconditional love. Scott is the co-founder of the Kiloby Center for Recovery, the first Intensive Outpatient Program to focus primarily on mindfulness. Scott is also the founder of two mindfulness/inquiry training programs: Living Inquiries Community, a training program and group of trained facilitators who work with people in over 12 different countries, and the Kiloby Inquiries (KI) training program which focuses on the new and latest developments in Scott’s work.

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Matt Nettleton

From a very early age I began to build what I call now a deficiency story, a narrative about myself, telling me that I was fundamentally flawed. I spent the next 13 years in chaos. I used all kinds of drugs as a way to escape myself. I attempted rehab 17 times and continued to relapse. Finally, with the help of a skilled trauma therapist, I began to work with and let go of the trauma stored in the body that had been the true driver of my suffering. 

My aim now is to help people be free from trauma and all the issues I suffered from for so much of my own life. To assist someone to see through the narratives that the mind tells us about who we are and my first hand experience is invaluable when connecting with clients.


My qualifications, and the modalities that inform my practice, are as follows:

  •  Kiloby Inquiries Senior Facilitator and Trainer

  • The Richards Trauma Process

  • Meridian Tapping

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Mentoring Sessions

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The trauma event being provided by Scott Kiloby and Matt Nettleton will cover:

  • What is Trauma?

  • Trauma and its effects on our society as a whole. 

  • Trauma's Effects on the individual

  • Trauma in the school systems

  • Trauma as a driver of dysfunctional behaviour (addictions)

  • Working with trauma, resolving it in the body

  • Inter-generational Trauma

  • Transitioning from a traumatised society to a trauma informed society.


Who would benefit?

  • Clinicians, practitioners, and therapists seeking to deepen their understanding of the impacts and implications of trauma for effective treatment and support

  • Loved ones of people suffering from addiction

  • People suffering from past wounds

  • Individuals in the field of healing and somatic work

When and Where?

This online workshop will take place via Zoom. It is scheduled for Saturday February 15th, at 3 pm- 6 pm Pacific time (Australia Sunday 16th at 10 am).

The cost for this event will be $150 USD.

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