Scott's Words About Angela

Please meet Angela MacLeod, a certified Kiloby Inquiries (KI) Facilitator. Angela, a Bellingham, Washington native, was among a small group of people that were first certified in KI. She is also a certified teacher in Holden Qigong and she is a Certified Laban Movement Analyst.

When Angela entered our training program, she had very little background or experience in nonduality and inquiry. She surprised all trainers by how quickly she learned to skillfully facilitate people using KI.

Since becoming a KI facilitator I have received nothing but great reviews from her clients. Angela’s energy is warm, welcoming and peaceful. She is a superb listener. She listens closely and intuitively knows how to use KI to help with whatever issues a client presents.

She is trained in the new model of recovery developed by the Kiloby Center. If you are tired of white-knuckling your way through recovery, Angela can show you a different way to recover through inquiry and unconditional love.

Angela was a star in training. She learns quickly and follows her intuition while facilitating. To be facilitated by Angela is to be held in love and space while also being led into dropping long-held stories and beliefs that have kept you suffering for years.

She is a pleasant soul, easy to talk to, never judgmental and always on top of her game. We are so happy to have her among her ranks. Although she is not well-known yet in the inquiry world,

expect to see that change in the next couple of years. Her clients have nothing but great things to say about her so word of mouth about her high level of skill is spreading quickly.

Angela also co-leads aftercare meetings for clients who have been discharged from the Kiloby Center for Recovery.

Phone: (360) 733-3541