Angela MacLeod

Certified KI facilitator, Certified Laban Movement Analyst, and Certified Holden Qigong teacher

Phone: (360) 733-3541
Currently taking new clients

After decades of addiction, I was left with the chronic depression, shame, isolation and unresolved trauma. I remember with gratitude the first time I heard Scott talk about healing the underlying drivers of addiction and suffering. We can see through the negative core beliefs and let the pain and trauma that is held in the body finally unravel and flow through. This work has been profoundly transforming for me.  It is an amazing methodology for healing these deeper roots without adding any outside belief system.

I love sharing this work with others. In a facilitated KI session, I gently guide the client to inquire into the causes of their suffering. I follow their process and pace in non-judging, compassionate awareness. With KI, the causes of pain and suffering often dissolve, revealing the peace, love and intelligence that is deeper than thoughts or beliefs.

"Angela holds such a beautiful space of presence and is so skilled as a facilitator. She's right there with me, no matter how intense or difficult the material that is arising is, meaning I can relax into the process and feel safe no matter what comes up.  As a survivor of severe early trauma, having Angela facilitate for me is such a precious gift". ~ J. H.